Pitstop Food

Find gas stations that have amazing food.

Rate, review and find gas stations by how delicious their food is!


Hot, Fresh and Delicious

Not all gas stations have a kitchen. Some gas stations don’t have any food at all. Why take a chance if you can quickly identify the best spots to stop.

Save Time

Road trips can be long. You may be under time constraint to get you destination. Eliminate the number of stops by grabbing food and gas in one stop.

Feed Your Hunger

We all get hungry and sometimes a bag of chips and beef jerky just doesn’t cut it. What we really want is pizza, a warm bowl of soup, a fresh salad or a banana.


Review your favorite gas stations.

Become an advocate for your favorite gas stations and leave them a great review and let others know where to find them. 

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Start rating, finding and eating good food at gas stations while you travel.